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Need Compliance Assistance? VCOM is the Solution

Maintaining an effective compliance program is a team effort. We work hand in hand with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their compliance needs. Let Source 1 be your team by using our innovative VCOM℠ approach to compliance. 


VCOM℠is an outsourced compliance program and oversight assistance product management solution. Our end-to-end product meets the guidelines of an effective compliance program as identified by all Federal and State regulatory departments and agencies.

Source 1 Healthcare's VCOM℠ Compliance Program

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Source 1 Healthcare Solutions works to educate and assist healthcare providers in meeting their obligation to establish and operate an effective fraud, waste and abuse compliance and ethics program. By working in conjunction with providers, Source 1 can help foster an engaging and leadership driven compliance program. 

Leveraging decades of experience, Source 1 uses it's VCOM℠  solution to develop and implement a healthcare compliance and ethics program to help ensure a proactive, versatile compliance structure designed to reduce the potential for fraud, waste and abuse and to identify and self-correct errors before the Medicare and Medicaid programs are billed.

VCOM℠ Compliance Program Solution Components

Compliance Officer Partnership

  • With training and support from Source 1 Healthcare Solutions, a compliance partnership that oversees the day to day management of the Compliance and Ethics Program.

Oversee Compliance Committee

  • In coordination with Source 1 Healthcare Solutions, steers the Compliance and Ethics Program

Training and Education

  • Source 1 provides training and education to ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations as well as organizational compliance policies and procedures.

Auditing and Monitoring

  • Source 1 monitors and identifies compliance risk areas and performs a self-evaluation of risk areas, including auditing & monitoring designed to detect criminal, civil and administrative violations.

VCHECK℠ Sanction Screening Solution

Source 1 Healthcare Solutions' VCHECK℠ is a simplified sanction screening solution to ensure your organization's compliance in today's ever-changing regulatory landscape. VCHECK℠ helps providers adhere to payer contractual requirements, stay compliant with OIG recommended screening guidelines and protects them from potential Civil Monetary Penalties and costly overpayments.

VCHECK℠ is a comprehensive and cost effective solution to sanction screening encompassing:

  • 58 Federal and State Databases

  • 34 State License Databases

VCHECK℠ not only satisfies requirements for exclusion screening, VCHECK℠ assists credentialing teams to ensure that all licensed staff members, contractors and affiliates are in good standing with their respective licensing boards. 

All federal and state databases are updated daily and VCHECK℠ can provide you with quick and reliable findings. 

VCOM℠ Compliance Capability Matrix

High Level Analysis of Your Compliance Program

Source 1 Healthcare Solutions will conduct an evaluation of your compliance program using our assessment  tool developed from CMS, OIG, Federal Registrar and other regulatory standards, Source 1 will then align your program’s effectiveness with the VCOM℠ Compliance Capability Matrix providing your organization with a Board ready high level picture of your organization's compliance program capabilities

Identify Opportunities to Improve Program Effectiveness

Source 1 will conduct an independent evaluation and work with your organization's department management structure to identify areas of opportunity in your organization's existing compliance program. Source 1 will evaluate your organization's policies, procedures, audit work plans, senior management engagement and education to identify where your organization can improve its compliance capabilities.

Program Assessment to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Federal regulations encourage an independent assessment of your organization's compliance program. Source 1 will work closely with your leadership to provide an accurate and compliant assessment of your current programs capabilities.

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